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Music you should play
Posted by Kathy on

Chris Tomlin's 'All My Fountains'

New artist to play - Kayla Atkins
Posted by Elizabeth on

A few weeks ago my husband and I met a wonderful couple when on vacation in Grand Lake, CO. They were attending their grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. We spend lots of time in Grand Lake and were able to direct them to places of interest, great hikes etc.... It was the evening before our their last day in the area that we learned of Kayla's lifelong interest and passion for music. With much coaxing she opened up about her work in the Christian music arena; that she has performed at Christian women's retreats and that she had even produced a CD. She gave us her CD "Rhythms of Grace" and after listening to it my husband and I purchased two, one for us and one for a friend. I cannot stop listening to this CD. The songs on her CD, like the songs on your station continually provide me with inspiration, encouragement and have re-connected me with my faith. Two of my favorite songs on this CD are "Healer", "Turn it Around", and "About You". Thanks for listening!

Songs to Play: "We are the Free"
Posted by Jessica on

I have never really had a favorite song until this summer when I hear Matt Redman's song, "We are the Free." This song meant everything to me because I had always been shy to talk about God, but after hearing this song, it inspired me to bring more and more people to God. The song is great because it shows just how glorious it is to be God's.

Christmas Music
Posted by Reyanna on

Let me start by saying I love Christmas Music, but have a small request! Is it possible to create a healthy mix of both Christmas and your regular music this season? I love hearing the Christmas music but it sure would be nice to have it broken up so that it is not just non-stop Christmas music, of which there is not that large of a variety. Just the same songs sung by different artists. I may be one of a few who feel this way but by the time Christmas Day has arrived I am totally done with Christmas Music! :)

Posted by Yvonne on

I am in agreement with the person below. Can you play a mix of Christmas music and regular music? God bless you for all you do. WAYFM has been a lifeline for me.

Christmas Song Request
Posted by Jeremy Radzanowski on

There is a song that my family listens to every Christmas season that perfectly conveys the conflict between saying "Merry Christmas", or the more politically correct "Happy Holidays". It's called "Christmas with a Capital C" by GoFish. It features a sound recording from Christian comedian Brad Stine, and is a perfect song for this time of year. Thank You!

A song i found that i think you should check out
Posted by Kevin Frederick on

I was listening to music on my rhapsody app, it was on the station based off of rend collective experiment and this song came up, Good to me by the Planetshakers, it has a really good beat and a good message

Involving the listeners...
Posted by Richard Lujan on

It's pronounced "Loo-hawn," by the way. :) Music is such a powerful expression. I'd like to hear more listeners explain how certain songs have touched their hearts.

New songs.
Posted by JL C. on

I think it would be awesome if you played Hold Me- feat. TobyMac and Every Bit of Lovely by Jamie Grace. Love the station!

Posted by Anastasia on

I would love to suggest to play heavier Christian music night our have a live Friday night session of the heavier Christian music.

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